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PEP or Personalized Education Program

The PEP is a new option for homeschooling in Florida as of July 1, 2023. Per information shared by the HomeSchool Legal Defense Association ( and Brenda Dickinson of at the 2023 Florida Parent Educator Association Conference in late May, the regulations on the PEP are in development and are likely to have more changes made to how they work. Why? The legislation for the new school choice law that brought about the PEP was introduced in Tallahassee without first consulting the homeschool community. No one asked HSLDA or FPEA or FLHEF or any of the other many homeschool groups for their input before starting the legislative process. Because homeschoolers weren't asked, there are details to iron out that others didn't consider. Based on the information given at the FPEA conference, our page on Homeschooling Information at was updated on May 28, 2023 to reflect the latest information. Check back again, if this information is important to you, as changes are expected. Cheryl Trzasko, AFE President May 28, 2023



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