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is a professional organization of
teachers, psychologists, and school psychologists
who are qualified to administer Florida home education evaluations, and who have joined together to exchange information on
education laws and policies to help set standards of professionalism that parents and others can trust.

Association of Florida Evaluators

AFE logo with sun
AFE members are qualified to do Florida home education evaluations; they have either Florida professional-level teacher certification at the elementary or secondary levels OR current Florida licenses as psychologists or school pyschologists.

Verify teacher certification

Verify psychology license
AFE members have access to information, forms, training, and discussion on Florida home education evaluations, and opportunities to network with colleagues.


AFE members can be listed on our public list of members available to do evaluations and have permission to use our logo on their forms and/or website to verify their professionalism and help find new clients.

Seal of Approval

Membership Qualifications

Want to join Florida's only professional group for homeschool evaluators, the Association of Florida Evaluators?

Membership is open to both

Teachers with current professional-level Florida teacher certification at the elementary or secondary level


Psychologists with current Florida license as either a psychologist or a school psychologist

who provide proof of credentials and

knowledge of evaluation requirements (through a simple online course)
agree to follow those requirements, and 

pay our annual membership dues.

We offer two levels of membership:
Basic and Professional levels

Check the options to see which is best for you

Both Basic and Professional level memberships allow teachers and psychologists to:

  • access private discussion with colleagues

  • access to forms and files for evaluators as well as those for parents

  • access to pages of information specific to evaluators

  • use of group logo on your own forms and website while an active member

  • liability insurance coverage for evaluators (once that is set up for the group)

  • membership card

  • access to trainings

Basic Membership costs $20 a year and is a budget option.

Professional Membership costs $50 a year and gives members the benefits listed above but also provides advertising options:

  • your information added to a public list of evaluators

  • your information included on a list provided to schools, the Florida Dept. of Education, and scholarship organizations

AFE Evaluators

Qualified. Taking New Clients.

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