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Florida School District Home Education Contacts

Florida law requires parents to send documentation about Home Education
(Notice of Intent
aka Letter of Intent
Notice of Termination
aka Letter of Termination)

to the  Superintendent of the Florida school district that the student lives in.

However, every Florida Superintendent has named a Home Education Contact

to accept and process that paperwork on the behalf of the Superintendent.
The Home Education Contact is the one to send paperwork to unless there is a problem.*

Florida School District Home Education Contacts

The Florida Dept. of Education publishes a list of Home Education Contacts. Some of these contacts work alone, but many have staff and prefer paperwork to be sent to a more general email address. We have compiled contact information below with preferred email addresses indicated.

*If, for example, no written confirmation of receipt of paperwork is received from the district's Home Education Contact,
as required by Florida Dept. of Education policy
as outlined in their Home Education FAQ,
contacting the Superintendent is recommended to resolve the issue.

State Level Contacts

Florida law created an office in the Florida Dept. of Education that is designed to serve the interests of home education and  private school students and parents, provide general information to the public, serve as a evaluate pending policies to be sure no regulations or mandates are added to home education, serve as a source of communication between home education programs, private schools, the Florida Commissioner of Education, and the Florida Dept of Education, and more.

This office can help if a district doesn't understand the laws and policies they work under, oversteps their bounds, or doesn't know the answer to a question.

State Level Contacts

If the home education contact and the superintendent aren't following home education laws and/or FL Dept of Education policies, contacting this office can help.

Sandy Eggers, Virtual and Home Education Director

Lisa Luna, Program Specialist

Stephen Bochnia, Program Specialist

Phone: 850-245-0502
Toll-Free: 800-447-1636
Fax: 850-245-0960


Florida School District Home Education Contacts

The FL Dept of Education has a list of contact information for district home education contacts. But some districts have alternate email addresses that they prefer homeschool documentation sent to. We've gathered those preferred contacts and share them here.   Let us know if any updates need to be made.

The Home Education Contact for a school district is the first point of contact for information and to send documentation about home education.
If this contact does not respond, does not confirm receipt of official documentation, is unhelpful, etc., the School District Superintendent is a next person to contact.


The Florida Dept. of Education's Home Education contacts are another point of contact.

District Name

Home Education Website:
Main Contact Name:
Main Contact's Email:
Alternate Contact for Evaluations:
Alternate Contact Email:

If more than one email is listed, the bold one is where forms should be sent

22. Gulf

20. Gilchrist

29. Holmes

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