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is a professional organization open to
teachers, psychologists, and school psychologists
who are qualified to administer Florida home education evaluations, and who have joined together to exchange information on
home education laws and policies to help set standards of professionalism that parents and others can trust.

Hi there! I’m <member's name redacted>. Taught for 14 years in the public school system. I am now an edupreneur and one of the services I offer is homeschool evaluations. I am very grateful I found this group. It’s been a blessing!"

The Association of Florida Evaluators provides support and connections for FL certified teachers, psychologists, and school psychologists who are offering home education evaluations. We help mentor new evaluators and provide backup to those dealing with situations not encountered before. We help evaluators protect their clients' rights and privacy. And more.
We also work together to help evaluators be more easily found by homeschool parents looking for a knowledgeable evaluator to evaluate their child or to offer consultations, guidance, or other educational services.

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Association of Florida Evaluators

AFE members are qualified to do Florida home education evaluations; they have either Florida professional-level teacher certification at the elementary or secondary levels OR current Florida licenses as psychologists or school pyschologists.

Verify teacher certification

Verify psychology license
AFE members have access to information, forms, training, and discussion on Florida home education evaluations, and opportunities to network with colleagues.


AFE members can be listed on our public list of members available to do evaluations and have permission to use our logo on their forms and/or website to verify their professionalism and help find new clients.

Seal of Approval

AFE Evaluators

Qualified. Professionals. Offering Homeschool Support to Each Other and to Homeschool Parents. Taking New Clients.

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